heather cochran lives in los angeles, but she is not of los angeles. a native of virginia, she lived in boston, new york, philadelphia, and washington, d.c., before moving westward.

she admits to being an unrepentant generalist and has previously worked as a bicycle courier, as a construction worker in west africa, as a rock climbing instructor, for novelist john irving, and at the central intelligence agency (best not to ask too much about that!). not surprisingly, she’s a whiz at cocktail parties.

heather cochran attended wellesley college, where she studied history, italian, and biology, before earning a degree in english literature. she also holds a masters in business administration from the wharton school at the university of pennsylvania.

heather currently works for the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, helping to develop a museum of film, and continues to write. she lives with her husband, whom she first met in kindergarten, their daughter wren, and three cats.

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